Thunderbirds and WAC join forces

The Vancouver Thunderbirds is joining forces with one of the world’s strongest private athletics organizations; World Athletics Center Canada.

“As WAC Canada continues to grow in membership, it has become clear that operating this elite athlete program requires an administrative and financial framework in which to operate” said Head of WAC Canada Laurier Primeau. “The Vancouver Thunderbirds Track and Field Club has been looking to re-engage and support international-level athletes to complement its excellent development programs, and this opportunity is the perfect fit for both parties.”

John Bird, President of the Thunderbirds added, “We have always had strong youth and junior programs, and with the advent of our partnership with the World Athletics Center we know that we are now in a position to provide a pathway along the entire developmental continuum on a consistent,ongoing basis.”

Among the athletes who have joined the World Athletics Center Canada in its first season are Heather Hamilton (Pole Vault), Amonn Nelson (200m, 400m), and Rohan Stewart (200m, 400m).

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Best in the West Tour

The Thunderbirds are excited to announce that plans for the Best in the West tour for 2015 have been finalised. We are delighted to confirm that Laurier Primeau will be leading the tour again this year after several years of absence due to other coaching commitments. He has put together an excellent team of nationally ranked coaches to travel to Phoenix in March of 2015. Full details can be found HERE