TBirds open the cross-country season at the Pinetree Classic

A beautiful day greeted the runners at the Pinetree Classic Meet in Mundy Park, Coquitlam.

A small band of Thunderbird athletes made their mark by snatching several top placings.

Stan Jang, presparing for the Victoria Marathon, started the day of well for the TBirds by finishing 2nd in the open division event.

Sophie Forsyth and Maya Baechler ran neck and neck with the Sophie pulling into a slight lead at the end to take the girls 10 year old title and Maya the 9 year old's title.

Dylan Ulrich and Freya Savage claimed second place finishes in the boys and girls 12 year old event.

Paige Ingram, running her first cross-country race as TBird finished strongly in 4th place in the 12 year old race, and Theo Bentley picked up a 4th place in the 12 yearold event, just meters back of teammate Dylan

Finley Butler, Deliah Warrington and Noah Skarsgard all had good first outings for the season.

A number of other TBirds respresented their schools at the meet and as soon as the meet results are posted we will update the results on this page.


Thunderbirds Prepare for the Cross-Country Season

JD athletes enjoying barefoot runs on the grass as the prepare for the cross-country season.