Club information is disseminated in a number of ways. It is important to be aware of our communication methods so that you remain up to date.

1. Annual or bi-annual mail-outs: Information pertaining to the Annual General Meeting, the club banquet, and other pieces of news that are important for parents to know, but that athletes might not otherwise pass on.

2. Our website: An excellent source of club news, structure, scheduling and philosophy. Please look us up at We try to include all results on the site, and there are some excellent track and field links to sites in BC and around the world.

3. Club emails: Things can change after the practice and meet schedules have been posted to the website and it is sometimes necessary for us to send out club emails informing members of the alteration. Email is also a good method for us to seek meet entry requests and to ask for volunteer service when we have upcoming club events. Email has, occasionally been a point of communication breakdown because we have only the athlete email address, and parents are left without current information. This year’s registration form asks for both parent and athlete email addresses – please ensure that both are listed. On occasion you may receive duplicate emails from different staff. We apologize for this, but it is occasionally necessary to ensure that we contact all athletes.