We provide programs:

1. At your elementary school

2. At a time that is most convenient to you (before school, lunch hour, during PE class, or after school)

- For Making Cross Country Fun, sessions would occur in September and October

- For Making Track and Field Fun, sessions would occur in March, April, May

3. With little work to teachers, except to fulfill supervisory roles

4. At no cost to the school

What we aim to achieve:

1. An emphasis on personal bests instead of performances relative to others

2. Encouragement of an active lifestyle

3. An understanding of the fundamentals of running as the base movement for all other sports

How we implement the program:

1. You contact and coordinate a program with Kendra Pomfret (Club Manager) to facilitate days, times and a program duration that works best for your school. We will provide 1-2 practice sessions at your school.

2. We provide coaches in approximately a 15:1 athlete – coach ratio, many of who are top ranked athletes themselves, and who understand cross country and track and field coaching techniques.

3. The school provides supervision during program implementation times.

4. The club provides an informational flyer to each student that outlines the programs that are offered by the Vancouver Thunderbirds Track and Field Club.

Contact our Club Manager, John Gay: or (250) 575-2377

This program is supported in part through funding supplied by: