Training Groups

The Vancouver Thunderbirds has something for everyone. We maintain three age groupings based on our own experience in organized athletics and the guidelines set forth by the provincial and national sporting bodies.


  • The club emphasizes that, at this age, specialization and personal training is strongly discouraged. We instead focus on fun, community and basic skills.

  • Cross Country programs are offered from September to November. Winter conditioning practices run from December to Spring Break, and outdoor track and field practices run from March to July.

  • For more information, read the Junior Development sections of our Cross Country and Track and Field offerings.

AGE 14 - 19

  • At this age group we still emphasis on fun and participation, coupled with the potential for highly competitive provincial and national competitions.

  • There is opportunity to represent regional teams and for team travel.

  • More specific training is available at this age group, and athletes tend to start to focus on one or two event groups (ie jumps and sprints, or middle and long distance).

  • For more information, read the Midget, Youth & Junior sections of our Cross Country and Track and Field offerings.


  • Highly specialized training regimes, periodization and year-round training have helped to put our athletes on teams that travel throughout North America, Europe, South America and Asia.

  • While not all our athletes in this age group are elite, it is expected that athletes of all abilities are highly committed to training and competing.

  • For more information, read the Senior sections of our Cross Country and Track and Field offerings.


Practice Locations

Practice locations differ depending on your event and age grouping.

The main locations used by Thunderbird's Track Club for athletes living on the West Side are: UBC Track, Chaldercott Park, Jericho Beach Park, and indoors at Lord Byng Highschool.

For Thunderbird JD Athletes (9-13) residing in East Vancouver/Burnaby, practices are held at Swangard Stadium.

As of January, 2019 JD and High School aged athletes residing in/near Surrey, can attend practices at North Surrey Secondary School Track

*Check the calendar page to determine where to meet your group, or contact your coach directly.     



Chaldecott Park, Vancouver


Jericho Beach Park 


Lord Byng High School (Indoor Practices for JD, High School P/S).




North Surrey Secondary School track


Purchasing memberships

Membership fees encompass the charge to participate in the Vancouver Thunderbirds program offerings, as well as a mandatory registration fee with B.C. Athletics charged to all track club members across the province.

You can pay for your club membership in two ways. 

  • By cheque made out to Thunderbirds Track Club, and submitted no later than the second week of your attendance at workouts.

  • By credit card using the online payment method: click here to purchase or renew your membership.

We do not offer any pro-rata (or partial) memberships, however if you need a refund or cannot pay, one of the following may apply:

  • The Canadian Tire Jumpstart program, if you feel you are eligible please fill-out a request here.

  • If injury prevents participation for the entire year, we will apply a credit towards next year, provided that the athlete/parent displays a written, professional diagnosis as well as consistent communication with the athlete's head coach.


BC athletics numbers

Please use this link provided by BC Athletics for the online system used to manage BC Athletics numbers. If you have any questions or technical issues, please let us know by submitting a form.


Employee Background checks

All coaches and employees of the Vancouver Thunderbirds Track and Field club undergo CRC background checks, as required by B.C. Athletics.


Transfering clubs

To beginthe process of transferring track clubs, please contact your event coach. Should any additional information be required, please contact the administrator through the form below.

What should you bring?

We recommend bring the following to every practice regardless of age, event or time of year:

  • Running shoes

  • Water

  • Snack food

  • Any medications you may require

Additional items can be suggested by specific event coaches such as:

  • Event specific shoes (sprinting or jumping spikes)

  • Changes of clothes

If you have any specific concerns, please ask your event coach.

Registering for competitions

  • Coaches will indicate which meets are the responsibility of the athlete to register and pay and which meets the club will submit and cover meet fees.

  • Those meets which coaches indicate athletes should enter themselves, will require athletes to register and pay for their own entries. This is usually done in advance or on the day of the meet.

  • For all other meets, coaches will provide fee and deadline details for the meets and it is the responsibility of the athlete to submit with events they wish to join for each meet.

  • The club's Meet Registrar will then process all meet entries. These are subject to a third party service charge levied on each registration.

  • Once meet entries are submitted and confirmed, it is expected that the athlete will attend as entry fees are paid regardless. These entry charges, plus a portion of the third party service charge, are billed to each competing athlete at the end of each season and are to be paid within 30 days of receipt.

  • Athletes are still responsible to reimburse the club for events for which they were registered even if they did not attend the event. Failure to pay these charges could result in the athlete’s membership suspension.

Question not listed?

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have, using the form below. 

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