Cross Country

September - November

Junior Development (9-13 y.o.)

Coaches: Graeme Fell, Rhiannon Evans, Erica Digby, Lukas Jarron

The Junior Development program focuses on building aerobic fitness, mixing easy running with hills, sprints, fartlek and relays, fun and fitness; team participation is the focus. The competitive focus for the team is the BC Cross Country Series. While athletes are encouraged to participate in these races, it is not mandatory and is suggested only for those ready to do so. Grade 8 athletes making the transition to the high school training groups are welcome to participate in this program until they are ready to move up to the older group.

Athletes are encouraged to attend 3 practices per week. However, athletes may attend as many (or as few) practices as their personal schedule permits. 

Midget, youth & Junior (14-19 y.o.) | Senior (20+ Y.o.)

Coaches: Chris Johnson,  Cindy Crowther.

The Midget, Youth and Junior cross country program runs during the normal cross country season from September until November and then continues on in the form of more track-oriented training throughout the rest of the year. Athletes typically take a short break in between cross country and track seasons to recover.

During the fall, group distance runs, fartlek, hills, circuit-training and interval type activities are used to develop the endurance and power required for the track. Over the winter, speed work and more structured track sessions are used to prepare the athletes for the track season. Athletes are encouraged to run the full range of events from 400m to 3000m and 5000m (depending on their age) as well as steeplechase.

Three workouts are offered per week with athletes adding their own workouts in the form of distance runs as they become more physically able to do so.

Intermediate Endurance Training

The Club stresses improvement at all levels and welcomes anyone regardless of their athletic background. Thunderbirds provides coaching for the athlete to achieve their own personal running goals. As the ability of the athlete develops, and more specialized guidance becomes necessary.  Individualized programs can be tailored to each athlete. Such a decision is at the discretion of individual coaches and the Club's management.

Group Separation

In many cases, different age groupings will have the same coach and follow similar schedules, but that need not mean all groups train together. We make an effort as a Club to separate athletes of different ability levels and ages where appropriate, and combine groups where mutually beneficial arrangements are possible.

Any questions about the suitability of this program to the athlete are done on a case by case basis through a contact form.