Junior Development Track and Field Championships

Thirty-one TBirds took part in the Junior Development Track and Field Championships at The

South Surrey Sports Complex in White Rock.

As a team we recorded six gold medal, twelve silver and 10 bronze medal finishes and most

notably fifty-four personal bests over the 3 days of competition.

Gold medal performances came from Marcus Britnell, in the 2000m (6:29.54), Cristina

Banducci, in the 1000m (3:26.33), Susanna Mattman in the Discus (13.65m), Alexander

Tucakov in shot (9.36m); all of which came with personal best performances. Maya Baechler

scored two wins in the 600m (1:47.28) and the 1000m (3:12.84) to extend her unbeaten streak

throughout the season.

Miranda Stephens (300m - 46.71), Sophie Forsyth (800m - 2:36.52), Clare Logan (600m -

1:48.53), Cristina Banducci (600m - 1:54.09), Ella Symon (1200m - 4:00.82), Paul Van

Raamsdonk (1200m - 3:49.54), Sofia Kuzmanovic (High Jump - 1.25m), Sophie Riftin (Long

Jump - 4.01m), and Madeline Britnell (Discus - 19.57m) all earned silver medals. Matthew

Uliana earned two silvers in shot (9.33m) and Discus (28.57m), while Susanna Mattman earned

a silver in shot to go with her discus gold.

Bronze medals were awarded to Sophia Aitken (300m - 46.86), Paul Van Raamsdonk (800m -

2:28.23) despite losing a shoe just after the start, Marcus Britnell (1200m - 3:41.28), Gabriella

Barton (Long Jump - 3.20m), and Emily Franke (Discus - 17.84m). Noelle Yau threw for two

bronzes in Javelin (21.44m) and Shot (7.75m). Clare Logan added two bronzes to her silver with

third place finishes in Shot (7.71m) and High Jump (1.30m), and Ella Symon added a bronze in

the 800m (2:32.94) to the silver earned in the 1200m.

Personal bests were earned by the following athletes in these events:

60m – Chloe Symon (9.99); 2000m - Marcus Britnell, (6:29.54); 300m - Chloe Cady (47.09),

Makenna Baechler (54.10), Miranda Stephens, 04 Vancouver Th 46.7, Sophia Aitken (46.86);

80mH - Caroline Ho (15.99); 60mH - Emily Franke (11.77), Carolyn Uhrich (13.04); 800m - Ella

Symon (2:32.94), Marcus Britnell (2:23.66), Paul Paetzel (2:32.97), Paul Van Raamsdonk

(2:28.23); 600m - Clare Logan (1:48.53), Cristina Banducci (1:54.09), Luca Spinu (2:00.69),

Gabriella Barton (2:07.39); 100m - Amelia Geheran (14.00), Caitlin Adams (14.78), Caroline Ho

(15.39), Carl Lemer (13.90), Carolyn Uhrich (16.79), Luca Spinu (15.80), Kai Martland (15.36),

Chloe Symon (15.86); 200m - Amelia Geheran (28.72), Spencer Terry (28.35), Sophia Aitken

(29.02); 1000m - Clare Logan (3:19.94), Cristina Banducci (3:26.33); Gabriella Barton (3:48.07);

1200m - Ella Symon (4:00.82), Makenna Baechler (4:45.41); 200m Hurdles - Ella Symon

(33.96), Spencer Terry (30.95), Paul Van Raamsdonk (32.49); High Jump - Spencer Terry

(1.40m), Clare Logan (1.30m), Sofia Kuzmanovic (1.25m); Long Jump - Sophie Riftin (4.01m),

Alexander Franke (3.80m), Carolyn Uhrich (3.19m), Cristina Banducci (3.35m), Luca Spinu

(3.20m), Gabriella Barton (3.20m); Discus - Amelia Geheran (20.46m), Matthew Uliana

(28.57m), Emily Franke (17.84m), Susanna Mattman (13.65m); Javelin - Alexander Franke

(22.92m); Shot – Matthew Uliana (9.33m), Susanna Mattman (6.46m), Alexander Tucakov


Congratulations to all of the athletes that took part in the championships, to those that earned

medals and personal bests for to all for representing the Thunderbirds so well. Have a great

summer vacation!