Norwesters and Golden Ears Meets

The Thunderbird JD athletes continued their awesome start to the season by posting impressive performances at the Norwesters and Golden Ears Meets. A total of 62 TBIRD athletes competed at these meets, so this is just a snapshot of the results. Congratulations to all of our athletes, your efforts, focus and determination has been a pleasure to watch.

Maya Baechler posted double wins in the 600m & 1000m, recording seasonal bests at each meet. Continuing on the distance run side, Marcus Britnell won the Mile and placed 3rd in the 800m in Maple Ridge (with a big PB in the later) and ran to 3rd place in the 1200m at Norwesters. Not to be outdone, Paul Van Raaamsdonk won the 1200m at Golden Ears with a strong show of front running to follow up a 2nd place finish a week earlier in the 800m. Sophie Forsyth has been running excellently, finishing strongly in each race and looks set to make big improvements.

Our hurdlers have been sharpening their skills and achieving excellent results: Juliette Levy-Gay earned a 2nd in hurdles at both meets and scored a best in long jump in Maple Ridge, Amelia Geheran, Sophie Taylor and Virginia Spencer ran neck and neck at Norwesters, all posting good times; and Nyla Tukker and Amelia Kristen also had strong showings over the sticks.

At jumps, Amelia Kristen, Nyla Tukker, Carl Lemer, Emily Franke, and Spencer Terry all had two three finishes in their high jump events; Amelia, Nyla, Libby Dabbs, John Izbebski, Christina Banducci, Caden
Ferguson emulating that feat at long jump.

Our throwers also excelled: Noelle Yau scoring a 1st and 2nd in javelin and 2nd in shot, Casden Ferguson took a 2nd in both shot and discus, Emily Franke and Madeline Britnell took 1st in Javelin and discus respectively, and Spencer Terry (javelin), Alexander Franke (Javelin), and Dar Jankovic (shot) all had top three throws.

In the sprints, Sophie Taylor, Nyla, Kai Martland, Chloe Symon and Carl Lemer have been leading the way and our relays teams have scored a number of wins.

All-around performers have been Finley Butler, with 3 season’s bests in Maple Ridge, a feat emulated by Francis Sadleir, and Nyla Tukker looks set for a great pentathlon, earning top 4 finishes in a range of events.