VOC Richmond Meet, Thunderbirds show their winning ways

April 22nd/23rd

The Thunderbird JD’s had a banner day at their first track meet of the season, the VOC Meet held at Minoru

Arena in Richmond. Representing either their schools or the club they came away with 12 first place, 16 second

place, 15 third place finishes, as well as 96 top 8 finishes. Truly impressive. Congratulations TBirds!

First place finishes came from: Nyla Tucker (60m, 60mH, LJ), Alex (Sasha) Tucakov (Shot), Maya Baechler

(600m, 1000m), Emily Franke (HJ), Sophie Aitken (100m), Paul Van Raamsdonk (800m), Caden Ferguson

(80mH), Sophie Forsyth (1200m), Finley Butler (HJ), Chloe Cady (300m).

Ruby Forsyth (1000m), Sofia Kuzmanovic (60m), Libby Dabbs (100m), Cristina Banducci (1000m), Anna

Kruk (LJ, HJ), Emily Franke (Shot), Finley Butler (800m), Francis Sadleir (1200m), Sophie Rifkin (LJ), Caden

Ferguson (Shot), Ella Symon (800m), Alex Sikorsky (Shot), Hnna Pawlik (LJ)All earned second place finishes

Nyla Tucker (100m), Libby Dabbs (600m), Anna Kruk (60mH), Susanna Mattman (Shot), Maya Baechler

(200m), Clare Logan (600m), Sophie Aitken (200m), John Izdebski (80mH, HJ), Caden Ferguson (LJ), Jessica

Kieffer (LJ), Sophie Taylor (100m), Virginia Spencer (200mH), Amelia Geheran (TJ) all gained 4rd place


Thunderbird relay teams performed well with placing second three times in the 2007 Girls 4*100m, 2004 Girls

Medley, and 2003 Girls 4100m, and third in the 2006 Girls 4100m.

Way to go Tbirds!