Weekend Round-Up 7/21

The BC JD Championships took place in Kamloops this weekend, with many young Thunderbirds competing. JD athletes came home with over 40 new PB’s and over 40 top 8 finishes. This included 13 top four spots and 11 medal finishes. A great time was had by all both on and off the track. Thank you to all the parents and families for a fun weekend.

Special mention goes to Maya Baechler who had a great meet, reaching 1st in the BC top 10 list with meet records in two events! In the girls 10yo 600m Maya came 1st with 1:49.45, beating the previous top 10 best of 1:50.75 by Indigo Leary in 2013. Maya also beat the Top 10 record in the 1000m run with 3:24.51, beating the previous best of 3:27.28 by Cayla Smith in 2011.

There were many medal finishes for the Thunderbirds. In the girls 11yo 600m Jessica Kieffer came 3rd with 1:57.21, and in the girls 9yo 1000m Susanna Mattman came 3rd  with 4:21.87. The Thunderbord team for the girls 11yo 4x100m came 2nd and the team consisted of Emily Franke, Jessica Kieffer, Sophia Aitken, and Sophie Forsyth. The girls 11 1200m Sprint Medley came 1st with Sophia Aitken, Sophie Forsyth, Maya Baechler, and Jessica Kieffer making up the winning team. In the girls 9yo HJ Susanna Mattman came 2nd with 0.84m, Susanna also won the girls 9yo Shot put with a throw of 4.93m. More success in the throws came in the girls 10yo Discus Throw where Emily Franke came 3rd with a throw of 14.89m. The boys 13 1200m Sprint Medley came 2nd with Alexander Franke, Cole Gladders, Paul Paetzel, and Spencer Terry in the team.

 Top 8 finishers included: Sophia Aitken (100m, Discus & 200m), Madisyn Kruk (100m & 300m), Jessica Kieffer (600m, 60mH, HJ), Ella Symon (800m), Suzanna (1000m, HJ, SP), Makenna Baechler (1200m), Sophie Forsyth (1000m), Maya (HJ, 600m, LJ & 1000m), Emily Franke (SP, Javelin & discus), Dylan Ulrich (800m, 1200, 2000m & HJ), Cole Gladders (800m &80mH), Jamie Cook (1000m), Spencer Curtis (HJ & Hammer), Paul Paetzel (HJ & SP), and Alex Franke (Discus). The Girls 11yo 4*100m relay team finished 4th.

 The following athletes all achieved PB’s:

 Suzanna Mattman - 60m 10.55, 1000m 4.21.87

Sophia Aitken – 60m 9.23, 200m 31.60, SP 5.79m, discus 15.18m

Sophie Forsyth – 60m 9.42, 600m 2.00.47, 1000m 3.35.12

Maya Baechler – 100m 16.15 – 300m 53.70, 600m 1.49.45 

Madisyn Kruk – 100m 13.71 -200m 28.72, 300m 46.63

Makenna Baechler – 300 33.83

Ruby Fox – 200m 28.57

Jessica Keiffer – Javelin 15.10m

Emily Franke – Discus 14.89m, Javelin 11.42m

Anna Aitken - Shotput 6.86m, Discus 18.19m, Javelin 13.64m

Ella Symon - 200m 34.95, LJ 3.39m

Spencer Terry - 100m 14.75, 300m 49.03, 80mh 14.96, 200mh 32.97, HJ 1.25m, Hammer 13.24m, Javelin 17.33m

Paul Paetzel - 300m 49.05,

Dylan Ulrich - 2.35.36 for 800m

Cole 100m - 14.64, 800 3.46.36, 80mh 15.44

Jamie Glover Cook - 1000m 3.51.46

Alexander Franke - discus 14.75m, Javelin 17.04m

Well done to every athlete who competed this weekend! You can get the full results from the weekend athttp://kamloopstrackandfield.ca/docs/jd_meet_results.pdf.

With the majority of Thunderbirds finishing their seasons now, a big congratulation and well done goes out to all athletes who competed as well as a huge thank you to their hard-working coaches.