New! Dedicated practices for throws and pole vault

The Thunderbirds Track and Field Club is pleased to announce a dedicated night to both throwers and vaulters on Tuesdays at St. George's Senior School.

Beginning next Tuesday, March 31, and following every Tuesday at St. Georges Senior School, we will be offering discus, javelin, shot and pole vault to both our high school and junior development athletes. 

Junior development pole vault will be at 5:30pm and throws at 6:30pm(We will still be offering throws during normal practices; these sessions are for athletes who would like more practice in these throws events) High school throws at 5:30pm and vaulting at 6:30pm.

These practices will be lead by Don Allemeersch for throws and a combination of Bill Fisher and Gordan Poljack for pole vaultIf you have any specific questions, please ask Coach Mary or Coach Graeme.