Thunderbirds Heading to BC High Schools

The Thunderbird coaching staff and board would like to congratulate those that have qualified for the BC High School Championships, taking place May 29-31 in Langley, BC.  There are still more results to come in, but we'd like to acknowledge the following members for their achievement.
Heading to BC High School Championships are: 
Katherine Lucas
Karl Rekab
Chantel van Hombeeck
Quinn Litherland
Michelle Yee
Cherry Lam
Gabriela Aquilini
Jacob Cutts
Sophie Pauls
Hayley Madden
Kaija Goertzen
Selena Zhu
Bill Bi
Ahmad Nizamani
Yvonne Deng
Ben Paetzel
Anika Hart
Elizabeth Tourigny
Roberto Pelayo-Mazzone
Ethan Stome
Andrew de Visser
Matthew Taylor
Max Trummer
Sophie Dodd
Lauren Fraser