TBirds earn top honours at BC Champs

In the Girls 9 year old race Maya Baechler lived up to “favourite” billing by easily winning over the 1500 meters course. Sophie Forsythe finished a really solid cross country season by picking up a bronze medal in the 10 year old race over 2000 meters. She was followed home by a slew of TBirds: Finley Butler in 8th, Miranda Stephens (9th), Sophie Kazimirski (10th), Delia Warrington 15th and Tyne Macdonald (16th). In the Girls 11 Year Old race Chloe Cady came home a clear winner, while Freya Savage, fresh off a win at the city championships, ended her race in second spot; Jessica Lau finishing well in 21st place. Paul Paetzel finished 10th in the boys 11 year old race, while Dylan Uhrich, Theo Bentley and Noah Skarsgard finished 4th, 9th and 16th respectively in the 12 year olds race.

In the high school divisions Taylor Williams picked up a bronze in the Women’s 13 year old division, Megan Fjell and Sarah Jane Mah finished 7th and 8th in the 14 year old run, and Paul Fisher narrowly missed out on a bronze medal in the boys 14 year old event; Calum MacKenzie following him to the finish in 10th place. Roberto Pelayo-Mazzone also narrowly missed out on a medal in the 15th year old race, followed by Ben Paetzel in 8th place and Lynden Savage in 18th. In the girls’ 16/17 year old event, Calli Charlton took third place with Emily Morris in 10th.  Erica Digby finished 9th in the open women’s event and coach Stan (Jang) came home in second place in the men’s 45 to 49 age group.

In the overall team event TBirds narrowly lost out to the much larger Ocean Athletic's team.

With the Junior Development Series wrapping up, Chloe Cady, May Baechler and Sophie Forsythe were named series winners. Dylan Uhrich and Freya Savage were named runners up.