T'birds get busy during cross-country season

Thunderbird athletes have been busy over the past two weeks with meets At Bear Creek and Crescent Park running for the club or their schools.

Bear Creek Park – Series race #2

At the Bear Creek Park Races, raining conditions made the going more difficult but the TBirds Ran strong.  Charlie Ford picked up a second cross-country series win (Pinetree was the other), Sophie Forsyth and Jonah Glover-Cook picked up second finishes and Freya Savage raced to a third place.

Josie Muscat (4th), Calum McKenzie (4th), Natalie Hill (5th), Sophie Morris (5th) and Lynden Savage were not far from medalling in their respective races; the later turning the tables on teammate Ben Paetzel who beat him out at the Pinetree Classic.

Jocelyn Chambers(10th), Noah Skarsgard, (11th, Heather Gadalla (13th, Olivia Neil (16th), Lucie Warrington (18th) and Sophie Bury (22nd) packed well and showed Thunderbirds’ depth. Best friends, Dehlia Warrington and Finley Butler battled it out in 8th and 9th places with Finley winning the duel narrowly.

Chloe Cady ran strongly to finish 7th, as did Lauren Lecky (6th), Conrad McCallum (9th), Meghan Fjell (6th) and Katia Lumb (7th)

Crescent Park – Series Race #3

Twenty five T‘birds turned out in White Rock on a beautiful fall day to run for the club or their schools.

Roberto Pelayo Mazzone claimed a victory in the Boys 14 year old event, followed by teammates Ben Paetzel and Lynden Savage in 9th and 10th places.     

Sophie Forsyth earned a silver medal in the 9 year old race with Finley Butler and Delia Warrington not far behind time-wise in 7th and 11th spots.

Also picking up silver medal were Brodie Marshall in the Men’s 15 year old race and Charlie Ford in the Girl’s 10 year old event; the later accompanied by Chloe Cady (16th), Anna Wodzicki (22 and running her first race) and Sophie Bury (33rd)

Freya Savage continued for strong progress claiming silver also in the 11 year old Girls race, just three seconds down on the winner. She was followed to the finish line by Natalie Hill in 4th, Jocelyn Chambers 11th), Heather Gadalla (15th) and Lucie Warrington (16th)

Cali Charlton (4th – Girls 14yo), Makena Marshall (5th Girls 13yo), and Calum McKenzie (5th – Boys 13 yo) all finished close to the medal spots.

Rounding out the performances for the day were: Matthew Taylor (10th Boys 13 to 18), Meghan Fjell (7th Girls 13), Theo Bentley (7th Boys 10), Conrad McCallum (9th Boys 12), Spencer Terry (14th boys 10), and, Noah Skarsgard, who had a spirited battle at the end of the Boys 11 race.