Thunderbirds Shine at the Sun Run

Twenty-two Thunderbirds and parents took part in the 2012 Sun Run. Led by team captain Stan Jang in a time of 33:40 all the the runners showed their team spirit. The following are the results recorded by the team: 37:23   Max Trummer, 38:33   Matthew So, 38:57   Thomas Broatch, 45:24   Andre Gravel, 51:34   John Gravel, 46:22   Paul Fisher, 56:50   Janet Mitchell, 56:59   Michael Mitchell, 57:00   Oliver Jang, 59:30   Jim Herriot, 1:03:01   Andrea Globa, 1:04:36   Hayley Gadalla, 1:04:25   Heather Gadalla, 1:07:31   Haley McKendy, 1:09:35   Alan Wong, and 1:13:23   Anika Jang

A number of the younger club members also took part in the Mini Sun Run. well done all!