Strong Performances Mark First Day of BC JD Championships for Thunderbirds

The Thunderbirds had a strong first day at the BC JD Championships. Below are the athletes who hit the top-6 mark. A link to the full list of results will be published once posted. Congratulations to all Thunderbird athletes for a great first day!

Candice Chan- 14 year old girls
4th in the 80m hurdles- 13.22 
5th in the 400m- 101. 45

Andrew De Visser- 13 year old boys
2nd in the triple jump 9.09
5th in the 400m ran 60.18
3rd in the 80m hurdles 12 20
5th in the long jump 4.92 

Marie Louise Forsyth- 10 year old girls
2nd in the long jump 3.54
6th in the 60m 9.57
2nd in the shot put 7.49
3rd in the high jump 1.15

Madison Wong 13 year old girls
5th in the 800m 2:41:32
5th in the 100m 13.92