Thursday, November 29th marked the 5th annual Vancouver Thunderbirds Awards Banquet. With over 100 in attendance on a weeknight, the evening was a great success by all accounts.

A special thank you to our honoured guests; Valerie Jerome, Marek Jedrzejek, Ken Blaschuk, Brian McCalder and Nancy McLaren - it was a pleasure to have you at our event. 

The major award winners were:

Outstanding Junior Development Athlete: shared by Zayne Heyes and Lauren Gillespie. 

Outstanding intermediate athlete (grade 8 - 10): Katherine Digby

Oustanding athlete (grade 11 and over): the 2006 junior national girls cross country team champions - Paige Harrison, Katherine Digby, Erica Digby, Rachel Cliff, Meredith Briggs, Erin Potter, Samantha Aynsley.

Congratulations, and many thanks for your attendance! Next up, the indoor season!