Regular Meet Entries - paid by athlete

The meet registrar will process all athlete meet entries for each season, these entries are subject to a third party service charge levied on each registration. These entry charges, plus a portion of the third party service charge, are billed to each competing athlete at the end of each season and are to be paid within 30 days of receipt. Failure to pay these charges could result in the athlete’s membership suspension.


The Vancouver Thunderbirds continues to expand, and as we grow we revisit and enhance our athlete support policy. In addition to what the club provides, we are on an ongoing search for funding in the community for club athletes. The funding policy does not apply to any athlete who leaves the club before the end of the membership year, nor to athletes who have received a membership discount or are seasonal members. The current policy provides for athletes to receive the following: 

Age Group                   Coaching Days Offered        BC Age Group Championships         National Age Group Championships

13 & Younger               4 / week                                Up to 4 events paid                              N/A

14 – 17 years                4 – 5 / week                          Up to 3 events paid                              Entry fee paid*

18 – 19 years                5 – 6 / week                          Up to 3 events paid                              Entry fee paid*

20+ years                     5 – 6 / week                          Up to 3 events paid                              Entry fee paid*

* If athletes do not make a provincial team but do make the meet entry standard and choose to attend the National Age Group Championships as a club member, The Vancouver Thunderbirds will pay the entry fee.

*Athletes who have not committed to the volunteer efforts of the club will relinquish their right to club funding.